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About the Guardians

The Guardians of New Zealand Superannuation (the Guardians) invests government contributions into two funds: the NZ Super Fund and the Elevate NZ Venture Fund.

The NZ Super Fund is a global portfolio of investments that will help pay for the increased cost of universal superannuation payments (New Zealand Superannuation) in the future.

The Elevate NZ Venture Fund is a smaller fund that supports investment in New Zealand companies that have moved beyond the start-up, or ‘angel’, investment phase, and need capital for the next stage of their development.

Purpose and mandate

By serving its mandate, the Fund adds to Crown wealth, improves the ability of future governments to pay for superannuation and reduces the tax burden of the cost of superannuation on future generations of New Zealanders. 

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Animation Video Transcript – Our Purpose

Hi, I’m Joe and I just turned eight.

I love playing with my Grandpa. Grandpa always has time to play with me.

He says that’s because he is retired and gets his ‘super’ or pension payments from the Government.

Mum says that the taxes she and dad pay go towards paying for Grandpa’s pension, and when they retire the Government will give them a pension too.

But by the time my parents and I retire, there will be a lot fewer working people for every person in retirement.

With fewer working people to pay taxes, the Government may need to increase taxes by a lot, to continue to make pension payments to all retired New Zealanders.

That’s where the NZ Super Fund comes in. By investing wisely today, the Fund is building a nest egg to help make pension payments more affordable for the Government and for future taxpayers like me and my friends. \

Having this nest egg will help ensure we can retire and get a pension just like Grandpa does today.

New Zealand Super Fund. Investing today to help meet tomorrow’s retirement needs.

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The NZ Super Fund story

Created in 2001 after an extensive public and Parliamentary debate, the Fund is a way for New Zealand to save now in order to make future superannuation costs more affordable. It’s needed because New Zealand’s population is getting older.

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As an autonomous Crown entity, the Government has given the Guardians the powers and responsibilities necessary to fulfil its mandate. In turn, sound governance, transparency and quality public reporting are critical to maintaining our stakeholders’ confidence.


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Board members are chosen for their experience in investment management, as well as their mix of complementary skills.

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The Board is able to delegate to management certain functions and powers, within prescribed limits.

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Risk management

Understanding and managing the risks the Fund faces is central to the work of the Guardians.



The Guardians is managed by a team of Auckland-based professionals spanning investment, operations, finance, risk, human resources and corporate strategy functions.


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The Leadership Team is responsible for leading and managing the Guardians as an organisation.

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Investment Committee

The Investment Committee ensures the portfolio is best placed to meet our investment objectives.

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Risk Committee

The Risk Committee oversees the effective governance of non-investment risks.



We are as transparent as commercial sensitivities allow about our investment approach, the Fund’s performance, and our organisation in general. We aim to keep our stakeholders well-informed about what we do and why we do it.


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