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In the interests of improving public transparency and to provide an additional resource for anyone seeking information, the Guardians has decided to publish responses to Official Information Act requests and to proactively release information that may be requested under the Official Information Act. Responses will be published and information proactively released if the Guardians considers the responses and information to be of material public interest.

Our Communications Policy sets out our approach to responding to Official Information Act requests.

Official Information Act requests can be directed to [email protected].




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2021 / 22

13 December

Statistics on the Guardians' engagement and exclusion activity on the subject of human rights

The Israel Institute of New Zealand 

OIA 3333992

10 November 

Statistics on the Guardians' engagement and exclusion activity on the subject of human rights

The Israel Institute of New Zealand

 OIA 3313835

25 August

Timberlands Investments Limited

Private Individual

 OIA 3272295

7 July

Meetings with councils on the subject of investment in water assets 


OIA 3242054

2020 / 21


30 June

Cryptocurrency exposure 


OIA 3232428

16 June 

Communications regarding the Investment Committee paper relating to the decision to divest from Israeli banks. 

Documents on file that relate to the qualifications of the paper authors. 

Documents on file that relate to the qualifications of Head of Responsible Investment Anne-Maree O'Connor. 

Communication about possible divestment from companies involved in other occupations. 

The Israel Institute of New Zealand

OIA 3223897


15 June 

All documents held by the NZ Super Fund that refer to divestment of: Israeli banks, Turkish banks, Saudi Arabian banks, Chinese banks, Australian banks, Canadian banks, US banks, and any other countries' banks. 

The Israel Institute of New Zealand 

OIA 3212450 (Part 1)

OIA 3212450 (Part 2)


OIA 3212450 (Part 3)


24 May 

All communications between the Guardians and two non-government actors who have at some point in time advocated a policy of divestment from Israeli banks. 

Private individual 

 OIA 3204021

Appendix - Individual 1 - Part 1
Appendix - Individual 1 - Part 2
Appendix - Individual 1 - Part 3
Appendix - Individual 1 - Part 4 
Appendix - Individual 1 - Part 5

Appendix - Individual 2 

24 May

Sovereign and corporate bond holdings in Saudi Arabia, Turney, China, Russia, and Israel. 

Private individual 

OIA 3214913

7 May 

All information held by New Zealand Superannuation Fund relating to the sale or not of its shareholding - through NZSF Tui Investments Ltd - in Kiwi Group Holdings Ltd.

Office of the Hon Mark Mitchell, MP

OIA 3194450

23 April 

The process of divestment from five Israeli Banks.

The Israel Institute of New Zealand

OIA 3193089
Appendix 1

15 April

Investment Committee paper relating to the exclusion of certain entities from the Fund's portfolio.

The Israel Institute of New Zealand

OIA 3175757

Appendix 1

Appendix 2

14 April

Communication between the Guardians’ Chief Executive Officer, Board Members, the members of staff, being the researcher/s, report writer/s and presenter/s who prepared and presented the Investment Committee paper (“the report writers”) and non-government actors who have at some point in time advocated a policy of divestment from Israeli banks, between the dates of 1 January 2020 and 11 March 2021.

Private individual 

OIA 3179052

Appendix 1

14 April

All correspondence from CEO Matt Whineray to do with the decision to exclude five Israeli banks.

Private individual

OIA 3185145

Appendix 2

1 April 2021

New Zealand residential property.

Private individual

OIA 3174221

Appendix 1 

29 October 2020

A copy of the first draft of a due diligence/health check the Guardians did on the Elevate Fund before it was launched. 


OIA 3057505

Appendix 1 

31 July 2020

Staff credit card statements, a list of items pertaining to entertainment, staff expenses, travel, furniture, telecommunications and computer peripherals, and a list of all staff reimbursements, purchased or paid for by the Guardians between the 1st March 2020 and the 30th May 2020.  

NZ Taxpayers' Union

OIA 2994769

Appendix A

Appendix B

Appendix C


28 July 2020

November 2019 NZ Infra bid documents including all reports prepared by external partners or consultants on behalf of NZ Infra appended to or referenced in the bid documents.

Greater Auckland

OIA 2994274

3 July 2020

All correspondence, including emails, between the NZ Super Fund and the Office of Hon Phil Twyford, Office of Hon Shane Jones and Office of the Prime Minister relating to Auckland light rail and the NZ Infra proposal, since 1 January 2020.

Office of Chris Bishop MP

OIA 2971153 Appendix 1

2 July 2020

Information relating to the Guardians' investment strategies, including:

  • Actions taken subsequent to COVID-19
  • Decisions made by the EDO group
  • Shale gas investments
  • Exposure to CLOs
  • Exposure to Greensill managed trade vehicles
  • Auckland light rail
  • Hospitality assets; and
  • Rocket Lab.

Private individual

OIA 2960959

2019 / 20

15 November 2019

Holdings in the company G4S, as far back as records permit.

Private individual

OIA 2722153

15 October 2019

All letters sent to and received from the Minister of Finance in relation to the Venture Capital Fund in the period 1 March 2019 to 18 September 2019. 

Office of Paul Goldsmith MP

OIA 2702602

5 July 2019

Diversity in the workplace.


OIA 2644793

2018 / 19

14 June 2019

Information on the Fund's investments that relate to Western Sahara and Western Sahara phosphate.

Western Sahara Campaign NZ

OIA 2635646 Appendix 1

11 April 2019

All key RI and ESG-related documents regarding the Fund's holdings in companies whose operations are in any way linked to the Western Sahara

Private Individual

OIA 2618246 Appendix I - Part 1 Appendix I - Part 2 Appendix I - Part 3 Appendix I - Part 4

14 February 2019

Total amount of spending on advertising in the past five financial years.


OIA 2609344

30 October 2018

Investments in entities related to South Canterbury Finance

Private individual

OIA 2574243

 10 October 2018 

Investments in Israel

Private individual

OIA 2569517

20 August 2018

Evolution of the NZ Super Fund's position on divestment from Israeli banks with business activities in the Occupied Palestinian Territories 

Private individual

OIA 2552834 Appendix I

24 July 2018

Auckland Light Rail


OIA 2538815 Appendix I - Part 1 Appendix I - Part 2

24 July 2018



OIA 2537325 Appendix I

12 July 2018

Investment in viticulture

Office of the Leader of the Opposition

OIA 2537279 Appendix I

11 July 2018

Internal processes employed when evaluating and presenting investment opportunities 

Private individual

OIA 2531520

5 July 2018

Holdings in companies with business activities in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories

Private individual

OIA 2513061 Appendix I Attachment I Attachment II

2017 / 18

12 June 2018

Advice provided to the Minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery

Private Individual

OIA 2513061 Appendix I

12 June 2018

Communications between NZSF and CERA

Hon Gerry Brownlee

OIA 2512329 Appendix I

5 June 2018

Sexual Harassment Statistics


OIA 2513613

13 September 2017

Climate change risk mispricing

Private Individual 

OIA #2321663 Appendix I (NB updated to include full Mercer document noted in original response as 'decision pending') Appendix II part I Appendix II part II

2016 / 17

26 July 2016

Post-it notes and artwork

National Business Review

OIA #1951058

21 September 2016



OIA #1983278

23 September 2016

Board matters

NZ Taxpayers' Union

OIA #1983291

3 November 2016

Palm oil

Green Party

OIA #2044734 Appendix I part i Appendix I part ii Appendix I part iii

7 November 2016

Investment in fossil fuels

Green Party

OIA #2041999

25 November 2016

Impact of RI Framework on Fund Returns

Private Individual

OIA #2054582 Appendix I

28 November 2016

PGC Group

Private Individual

OIA #2045366

10 February 2017

Communication costs

NZ Taxpayers' Union

OIA #2085548

13 March 2017

Sharpe Ratios

Private Individual

OIA #2147418 NZSF response to request for correction

22 March 2017

Comparing Fund Performance to NZX50

Private Individual

OIA #2154887

22 March 2017

Investment in Ogin, Inc

Private Individual

OIA #2152651

30 March 2017

HR matters

Private Individual

OIA #2152594

3 April 2017

Investment in Fossil Fuels


OIA #2156424

2015 / 16   

23 October 2015

Oak Finance

Private Individual

OIA #1750881

21 October 2015

Exposure to and performance of Carbon Underground 200 investments

Green Party

OIA #1743375

9 October 2015

Expenditure on Sky TV

Taxpayers' Union

OIA #1738154

7 October 2015

Fund exclusion data

Private Individual

OIA #1735857

10 September 2015

Silver Fern Farms

New Zealand First

OIA #1711356

11 May 2016

NZ Post

New Zealand First

OIA #1891499

30 June 2016


Green Party

OIA #1933318

2014 / 15   

28 April 2015

Copies of mining sector engagement framework and red list of companies, mining sector​

Green Party

OIA #1551365


12 March 2015

Investment in Ogin, Inc

Private Individual

OIA #1469309

11 December 2014

Ethical Investment - Occupied West Bank and/or East Jerusalem

Wellington Palestine Group

OIA #1389438 Appendix 1 Appendix 2 part i Appendix 2 part ii Appendix 2 part iii Appendix 3

12 November 2014

Climate change response / fossil fuel divestment

Green Party

OIA #1361783

29 August 2014

Israel Chemicals, G4S, Boeing & other arms manufacturers

Private Individual

OIA #1323770

23 July 2014

Investments in renewable energy, energy efficiency, biofuels and clean technology

Green Party

OIA #1300005 Appendix 1 Appendix 2

2013 / 14

11 October 2013

Investments related to South Canterbury Finance

Private individual

OIA #934693

12 December 2013

Investment in Ogin, Inc

Private individual

OIA #2933695


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