In line with our commitment to best-practice portfolio management, we benchmark our performance globally.

This section contains detailed information on the Fund's performance across a range of areas including investment performance, cost control, best practice standards for the management of sovereign wealth funds, responsible investment and transparency.

We compare the performance of the Fund to a passive Reference Portfolio benchmark, in order to measure the value we have added through active investment

We also compare the performance of the Fund to 90-day Treasury Bills as a measure of the 'opportunity cost' to the Government of contributing capital to the Fund, instead of using the money to retire debt.

It is our expectation, given our long-term mandate and risk appetite, that we will return at least the Treasury Bill return + 2.7% p.a. over any 20-year moving average period.

For more details on our performance measures see our Statement of Intent and Statement of Performance Expectation. Each year we report on our performance in our Annual Report.

So that stakeholders can have access to up-to-date information about the Fund's size and returns, we report on our investment performance against our Reference Portfolio and Treasury Bill benchmarks monthly.  However, because the Fund is a long-term one, and heavily weighted to growth investments, monthly returns can be volatile. Short term results need to be understood in this context.


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