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The Fund is managed by the Guardians of New Zealand Superannuation, an Auckland-based Crown entity. The Guardians, which has been recognised globally for its governance, transparency and innovation, is led by Chief Executive Officer Matt Whineray.


Maximise the Fund's return over the long term, without undue risk, so as to reduce future New Zealanders' tax burden.


A great team-building the best portfolio.


We Stand Strong - We are transparent and clear in our purpose and approach. We lean into the hard times and keep a clear head during the good times. In a world of sudden change and unexpected events, there is often pressure to change our minds or yield to the immediacy of the situation. Our foundations are deep but not fixed. We stand strong, together.

We Support Each Other - We look out for each other and make sure we succeed together. Our job is often difficult, and we must respond quickly to disruption. We understand that our work lives are busy; we celebrate the good times and support each other in the hard times.

Future Focused - We take a long-term view. Every decision we make today will have an impact in years to come. In a world that is often constrained by short-term thinking, we rise above the noise of the present and consider the future. What would the future me think of this decision?

Team Not Hero - Success is determined by the strength of our team. We succeed and fail together. None of us is perfect, and our ability to pick each other up and learn from our mistakes makes us stronger. Teamwork is a force multiplier. We debate constructively - trust and communication are the cornerstones of our work.


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